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Garry Shandling

Kaia is a genius. ~ Garry Shandling, comedian

The reality is that what you don’t know about business can (and does) impede your career as a creative professional. Talent, while imperative, is never enough in this highly competitive field. That’s why Kaia created all the programs at the Entertainment Business League, so you can learn what you need to know to play like a pro. The Intro class is a great place to start.

What our students have to say

Michelle Domanowski

Michelle Domanowski


Kaia gave me invaluable insider knowledge on how the industry works, as well as how to use this knowledge to put myself in a position to succeed. Her advice on pitching and developing my brand as a writer helped me with making some key decisions about my writing portfolio and how I market myself. She also helped me develop my networking skills, an area I always struggled in. Because of Kaia, I was able to grow my social media presence and make connections with people I previously would’ve been too afraid to reach out to. Kaia is truly a “renaissance teacher” in that her knowledge spans many aspects of the entertainment industry, and she’s equally passionate about all of these topics.

Who is it For?

We Focus on Teaching Above-the-Line Artists:

  • Producers
  • Screenwriters
  • Directors
  • Actors
  • Also… Animators, DPs, Editors, Show Runners (and future show runners!), Writer Assistants, PAs, Novelists, Marketers and anyone who wants to work in the entertainment business above-the-line as a career.

We serve students who are – or plan to be—working professionals. Whether you just got your MFA, or you’re mid-career, or you’re making a lateral move in the business, our training is designed for you.

But if you’re a hobbyist, and you prefer to earn a living elsewhere, we’re probably not the right fit for you. Our students are ambitious, creative, driven, visionary and awesome.

We need your stories.

The industry is hungry for new stories. But being talented isn’t enough. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes I see creatives make is thinking that if they get recognized for their talent, that’s enough to build an entire career on. But the reality is, those creatives can get exploited if they get with the wrong team (I have many case studies I use in class to talk about this). And if you try and lone wolf it in this relationships-driven business, you’ll go hungry, just like a wolf without a pack.

That’s why I’m now known for saying, find your #WolfPack. It’s the cornerstone of my entire company. My team and I make sure you get the information you need to succeed PLUS a wolf pack of both your fellow students and our alums.

We’re all about community. You’re going to make contacts here. You’re going to make friends here. You’re going to find your tribe!

As above-the-line talent, you need to develop your business acumen: to protect yourself, to come across as a pro, and to reach the highest levels of your dreams actualizing in the success that you intend.

I’d like to help you. It’s why I’ve designed this Entertainment Business Intro Class—so you get support, answers, coaching and actionable information on the business side of this opaque industry.

The Reality is You Need Business Training

No college currently teaches the business side of the entertainment business.

There is no MBA program that focuses on entertainment. No other online course (as of now). Even with an MFA, so many smart creatives are left in the cold about how the business side works.

I’m here to help you fill in those gaps! And we can get you started in 5 weeks together, with me as your instructor, and your awesome colleagues in this class. Teaching you is what I live for. I’m already invested in your success.

See you inside! I can’t wait to meet you.


If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. – Henry David Thoreau


You’ll receive 5-weeks of weekly training sessions delivered live via Zoom, in 2 live classes/week.



Class Mixer




Class with Kaia





Workshop: Hot Seats /Q&A

5 Week Syllabus:


Week 1: The Entertainment Business 101

How this business is different than any other in the world. Do you need to start a production company? When should you do that? How do you protect your ideas/I.P.? How are film and TV similar and different? Should you have a business partner? Business basics. Who should be on your team? How do you find your #WolfPack? Understanding the roles of attorneys, managers, agents, publicists. How can you optimize your positioning and talent for a career above-the-line. What mistakes you need to avoid.

Community Building

Week 2: Community Building (Networking 2.0)

Networking is the way to working, and staying employed. I teach you how to rock it. Write your bio, position your accomplishments, and learn how to share who you are in a mixer situation, in a cold email or DM, and on your outfacing social media and website. How do you stay well-positioned? Make sure you stay top of mind for the movers and shakers in the business. We all take some fun personality tests this week! Learn to assess if your potential partner is the perfect fit, or if they have a personality disorder. Includes a segment on sociopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism and why to avoid them.


Week 3: Pitching

Learn my personal pitch technique that stems from the hundreds of pitches I sat through as a buyer. Yes, there is a wrong way to pitch! I see it mistakes all the time that you need to avoid. My proven technique means you can pitch your work and your career to anyone who asks at any level of the industry- even to titans – and even if all you have is 1min. You’ll learn to connect, translate why someone should listen to you, tap your passion for a great pitch session, and make sure you know how to follow up so you always have a next step to build that important relationship. Plus you get to hear some pitches from your fellow students on Thursday!


Week 4: Money, Money, Money

Is the investor serious? How do you close them? I’ve been inside these wheelworks for many companies, worked with attorneys, raised seed rounds of capital as well as film financing, and seen places this can go wrong or stall- even for years. You should know how and when to protect yourself and your ideas—and also when it’s safe to share them. This week includes a section on tax rebates in film, and film incentives by country, state, and city. (We don’t have time in the Intro class to cover budgets, but we do a deeper dive into budgets in the Entertainment Business School.)

Week 5: Negotiation

You’ve got to know how to negotiate to gain respect, more money, better deals and a fantastic reputation. One mistake creatives make is they let their reps handle negotiating without staying in the loop and weighing in. What’s your negotiating style, and how do you anchor your value, and go after bigger deals? How do you get more money? Do not ever work for free. Everything we’ve worked on together about confidence building comes into play here. Students who complete this week often report back that they’re getting paid more in their next job. We love that!


This class is taught live with Kaia! For 5 weeks we’ll meet for class and coaching sessions with live Q&A, Tues/Thurs, 5pmPT. 

All on Zoom 

It’s that easy!

Plus you get our private Facebook community to post your questions, and career moves, and network with like-minded colleagues. The big value of attending live is you get access to Kaia’s brain on your career- and her coaching is legend. 

And what we know for sure is that your fellow students will become some of your dearest allies and friends in the business. 

We always have your back! We are the #WolfPack.



The Entertainment Business Intro is NOT for you if:

  • You just want a manager or a rep who will do all the work for you (we do not intro any of our students to reps)
  • You aren’t able to attend the live classes
  • You aren’t “coachable” and devoted to improving your career
  • You’re comfortable at a hobbyist level of the entertainment business and don’t really want to go pro
  • You already have all the deal-flow you want
  • You have plenty of support and career direction to implement right now
  • You’re not committed to playing full out
  • You don’t have the time because of other obligations

Your results are dependent upon your execution. We do not promise results, because students who don’t execute the what they learn in the class will not succeed at the same level of the students who take action.


Your Investment

You’re probably wondering…. That’s great, but what’s the cost?

To be totally transparent, our competition is Marie Forleo’s B-School. It’s a 6 week long program (only offered once a year!) with her that focuses on online entrepreneurs. But she doesn’t touch on the entertainment industry—and the price tag is $2499.

But we think that kind of exclusivity in business training means creatives without financial wealth are excluded, and we’re devoted to serving you without barriers. That’s why our intro training is not thousands of dollars.


With the live classes, coaching, instruction, community and the archive, the value of the Entertainment Business INTRO  Class is:


TOTAL: $247

That’s 90% off!

You can request to  

And we’ll talk to you about the program to hear your goals, and help you decide if it’s a fit for you

Kristen Batko

Kristen Batko

screenwriter, playwright

The Entertainment Business School (EBS) has been such a wonderful experience for me. There are a lot of business courses out there that teach you technical film industry terms and rehash the written rules of entertainment. And EBS does include classes on terminology, such as what an if/come deal is, what terms you should include in your contracts, and more.

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But what especially stood out to me about EBS is that it teaches the often overlooked art of “soft skills” in the business.
I’ve been to film school and worked in the business for a few years now, and still found immense value in the course because of the soft skills practice and encouragement from the amazing founder, Kaia Alexander. Much of what she teaches isn’t taught in film school, and so for many their only option is to learn these lessons the hard way. No longer with EBS.
These “soft skills” are truly what can make you or break you in Hollywood. Kaia teaches email
etiquette, how to build your working relationships, how to be assertive, how to handle the types of conflict that inevitably come up in Hollywood, how to build your personal brand, how to negotiate, how to pitch yourself as a person, and even just how to have the courage to ask for the scary things in the industry. Understanding these things is crucial to success in Hollywood,
and EBS brings in qualified speakers to expand on these topics.
I also want to note that Kaia Alexander, the founder, is an amazing person. She’s supportive and generous with her time and her connections. She makes sure to uplift diverse voices, and
teaches those who talk too much to sit back and listen. She’s a friendly, warm guide and is always open to constructive feedback. I knew from the first time I met her that she’s that rare, genuinely kind soul, and I’m so lucky that EBS is taught by her.

I would recommend this course for beginners and veterans in Hollywood alike, particularly if those soft skills are something you need to work on. And most of us do. You’ll be in for an important education, an open, communicative teacher, and an incredible experience.


Kaia, can I do a 2-pay to spread the payments out?

No, not for the INTRO CLASS at this time. We might consider this for the future, but tried to price this live class affordably. If you need more financial support, consider applying for a scholarship.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. always! We never want cost to be a barrier to the most committed students. But there are ONLY 2 scholarship/discount spots for each class. First priority will be given to students with financial hardship who can attend all live sessions. These spots are extremely competitive and popular, so please do not base your expectation on joining the class on landing a scholarship. Please click the button on this page below the check out that says “Speak to a Team Member”

What’s different about the Intro Class vs. the Entertainment Business School?

Great question. Our flagship EBS program is a 12-week live training with Kaia is limited to just 30 students each cohort so you get a lot of personal attention and time with Kaia. Right now we only offer it twice a year. Plus in EBS you get bonus classes, special guests, and Kaia’s Friday office hours where you can drop in and talk to Kaia 1-1.  You’re on the page for our Intro class right now, which is the 5-week basic program. Feel like taking a deeper dive into learning the entertainment business? See more on the page for the Entertainment Business School.

What happens after I register?

An email with registration details will be sent to the email you use to sign up for the program. It will include your Zoom links for class and more information.

Kaia, I really want a manager/agent, will you help me?

We do NOT bring in reps for you to pitch, or in any way guarantee you will get a rep by participating in any EBL trainings. If that’s your main goal, please see our friends at Roadmap Writers!

I’d love to take the Intro Class, but I just can’t afford it right now/the time commitment doesn’t work with my schedule.

No problem! That’s why Kaia created the Dash Classes! These are a 60-90min, dash through the subject you want to master. She is adding more classes all the time, so feel free to go to that page and check out which ones are available now.


Want a certification? Nope, not for the Intro Class. We only offer certifications to students who attend the Entertainment Business School. The next cohort starts January 2022.

Take me to the application page for EBS

Attendance Requirement:

Your attendance is required, just like on set. EBL stands for excellence. Students who miss sessions only slow down the group of committed students and waste instructor time. If you miss more than 3 live sessions, you will be invited to leave the Intro Class (without refund), and shift your enrollment to the Mastery program, which is evergreen and asynchronous and does not have the live coaching component with Kaia.


If you sign up for the Intro Class and request a refund before your first class, you will get a 100% refund, no questions asked. If you want a refund after your class begins, we only offer full refunds for the first 2 weeks of class because we want to dissuade anyone who isn’t fully committed from signing up. Life happens. Force majeur. Covid. Things we can’t control. Under those circumstances you can always speak directly to a team member.

Kaia Alexander

Kaia Alexander

Kaia Alexander is the CEO and founder of the Entertainment Business League and Entertainment Business School for above the line creatives. Also a producer | writer | director, she began her industry career as a development executive on the feature films JUST FRIENDS, PEACEFUL WARRIOR and THE GOOD NIGHT. She was mentored by comedian Garry Shandling and novelist Tom Robbins. She’s an award-winning author for her historical novel Written in the Ashes about the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria (Harper Collins, 2016). Kaia is a passionate advocate for gender and racial parity in the business, and she created a free virtual group for women writers called Writing with Kaia that has members in 30+ countries. As an animal lover, mom, and native of Southern California, there’s always surfboards on Kaia’s car (and fur on her sleeves). She’s proud to be the BQ in LGBTQ.