Need some quick entertainment business career support? We’ve got you covered. Dash Classes are a 60-90min. dash through what you need to know: fast.


How to Pitch Anything in 1Min.

You have 1 minute to make a first impression- to stand out to the buyer in front of you. Whether you run into them in a hallway at an event, or you’re pitching during a general, or pitching a show or a feature – you need to be immediately memorable. In this always-sold-out class, Kaia teaches her special pitch acronym CAT-DOG-HORSE-ANIMAL that will always be top of mind anytime you have the opportunity to pitch, and nail it. This technique expands to fill an hour, so whether you have a meeting, or you’re quickly connecting with buyers at a festival, you’ll know just what to say to communicate your value, and excite their interest.

Price: $47

How-To Twitter for Your Career

The entire entertainment industry is on Twitter. Deals go down on Twitter. Careers are forged. Reps are found. You should be using it to your advantage! Here’s how. Learn Twitter tips and secrets to crafting your bio, banner, pinned tweet, and how to direct message industry pros. An imperative up-skill for online networking for all above-the-line creatives, especially writers.

Price: $47

Mind-Body Health for Writers


Professional Compassionate Communication

Conflict Resolution & Compassionate Communication