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Screenwriters, directors, multi-hyphenates, showrunners, novelists and anyone leading a creatively inspired life in these troubled times.

We will launch in early 2023 (Hopefully January)
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Why this, why now? 

“Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk has thrust our favorite watering hole as writers into an uncertain future and some of our favorite writers and showrunners are abandoning the site. I’ve been devastated. I’ve met all my closest friends, students and Hollywood colleagues on Twitter. I realized we need a place to gather online that supports who we really are- under one roof- so we don’t splinter into the night. I’m creating this community for all of us to stay connected and have a safe space that is never under threat by a billionaire sociopath. In perilous times writers need to stick together! We don’t know what different social media platforms will do today or tomorrow. Writer Wolfpack is a home you can trust. Please join us and invite your friends!”

– Founder, Kaia Alexander


Novelist and Founder,
Entertainment Business School

Kaia is a genius. ~ Garry Shandling, comedian, creator of The Larry Sanders Show on HBO


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